The 11th Commandment

1. Don’t get caught… Being unaware. Do something to help someone who is drastically different than you. 2. Don’t get caught… Flipping people off. Radiate peace and smile sincerely, often. 3. Don’t get caught… Being stupid rich. Well that’s just plain dumb. 4. Don’t get caught… Being average. Exploit your unique gifts and share them. The world is waiting. 5. Don’t get caught… Acting entitled. Seriously? It’s unacceptable. 6. Don’t get caught… With your pants down unless they’re exquisitely sewn or you’re wearing outrageous underwear. And then it’s ok. 7. Don’t get caught… Dressing drab on a cloudy day. Change your outfit and improve your mood. For heaven’s sake, spread a little sunshine. 8. Don’t get caught… Being too serious. We get enough of that from the evening news. 9. Don’t get caught… Grabbing the last cookie and leaving the plate empty. Get some more–pronto. We all like cookies! 10. Don’t get caught… Formulating assumptions. You can’t possibly know all the facts. 11. Don’t get caught… Merely leaving a reputation. Leave a legacy instead. The point is don’t be an ignorant jerk, but do embrace art and irreverence, do make your journey memorable, and do let your good fortune serve others who aren’t nearly as fortunate. Together we can solve the problems of many. Heart of Fashion For Art. For Good. Visit for designers, parties, tickets and more.